Daily Reading for 10/21/2013

1st Position:

The Self


Hermit and Eihwaz

Seeing these two in this position are absolutely no surprise this morning. I have felt a striking loneliness recently that is sharp and cutting. I know that I need to make some changes and erect some barriers in my life due to people not respecting what should be clear and obvious boundaries. I have been lost in introspection, deeply contemplating major spiritual and lifestyle shifts but fearful of people understanding or taking them seriously. I have also been having a serious issue with some in my life leaning on me for a great deal of emotional support, yet offering very little in return. Much of my introspection lately has revolved around how to set appropriate boundaries. Both the Hermit and Eihwaz reflect all of these issues in my life and are highly encouraging of further introspection as well as resting and recuperating: it’s time for me to look out for me.

That would be a big part of why I have gone back to daily readings, rather than simply meditating. I need to take a step back daily to outline things and reflect, whether I use divination tools or simply compile a to-do list.

Eihwaz repeatedly shows up in visuals here and there lately. The Yew is a serious portent. A need for or a signifier of major life changes. Because I have been seeing both the rune itself and the Yew show up: I have decided to work on sharpening some of my more mind’s eye style skills. This oughta get fun. I have long been afraid of these things, either by what I have seen or just generally concerned with people’s opinion of me. Perhaps it’s high time I just said, “Fuck ‘em.”?


2nd Position:

The Desires


Justice and Berkano

As I am trying to not wake everyone up or draw attention to myself, I had to stifle a massive chortle bordering on a cackle at this.


Berkano, or Berkana, speaks of new beginnings, again. Justice speaks of a strong desire for fairness- hey, hey, knock me over with a feather. When Berkana is seen in readings, it can sometimes indicate a pregnancy based on surroundings: that’s not at play here. Being as my sex life needs an autopsy, pregnancy is also highly unlikely. However, being as the rune also can indicate a longing for a new love or a new desire- this strikes deeply. I don’t want a new love or desire. I want the one I have to not feel so listless and stagnated. While it is certainly my nature to seek out my desires in often stupid ways, that does not mean it’s a good thing for me. So, what this means, taken with the cards and runes that follow is: grow the fuck up, Coyote. You do not want to trade the steak for a little ground chuck just because you need to marinate the steak a little more. The grease is not worth it and it never was. Stop sniffing. It smells good in the pan but not great once it comes back out the other end. And it always does. Pulling away from figurative language, the truth of the matter is, you can emotionalize it all you want, you can babble on about needs all you want- but when you get right down to it, if you’re thinking with your crotch, it’s all ego. And ego’s a real piece of shit for fostering happiness. Believe me, I know.


Justice in this position speaks to me in confusing ways, until we get into the surrounding cards. I’m fighting strong desires to do what is fair and right, rather than what is horny. Hey, man, I’m just being honest. I know what that motivator is and it isn’t right. It’s cheap and there is little gain but much loss. Not worth it to be unfair.

3rd Position:

The Fears



Strength and Dagaz


Well, my third eye certainly has a sharp booger in it, this morning. Stop it! Ow! I get it!


I know that there have been things I am afraid to confront. Hello, pretty sure I just addressed that above in my desires. I also know that there are paths I’ve feared to tread for whatever reason. I got that and the Strength card simply hammers the point home in this instance. Dagaz also brings it on back to spiritual paths and things that are stagnating within my own soul and spirit. I know. It’s time to get my groove on. My fears are only constructs of my own mind- particularly those that involve fear of what people may think. If anyone would judge me based on following my own soul: what good are they to me, anyway? The Lion speaks not only of strength but of compassionate strength- that of leading by example, not by being a dick. Dagaz speaks to the balance, and also when we combine the two, the interpretation can be one of being strong enough to follow that path which makes me most happy. This sounds very simple- and it is. But simple and easy are often not quite the same thing, now are they? That is where Strength plays a role.


4th Position:

The Advantages



Temperance and Algiz

Little bit about Norse legends, here- there are four harts, or stags (Deer, people. Deer or elk, depending on your translation.)  that feed off of Yggdrasil, which is the World Tree. These are Diann, Dvalinn, Duneyr, and Dyrathror. Algiz is often said to depict the Norse God Heimdall, who, guess what? Guards the gates of Asgard with sword in one hand, antler in the other. The other name for this particular rune is Elhaz, which loosely translated means “elk”, referring to those four stags. It’s been speculated that the four represent the four elements or phases of the moon.


Well, the thing of it is, contextualized in this reading- Temperance and Algiz both speak of a sort of truth, a flow, a balance of elements. Interestingly enough, when we take a page from Catholicism, Temperance refers to four things, as well, or at least ONE of four things- it is a virtue amongst four others: Saint Thomas Aquinas called it a special virtue, owing to it having subordinate virtues.


Babbling aside, my cards and my runes just told me to get my shit together, but be true to myself.


5th Position:

The Disadvantages


We’ll subtitle this one: Well, fuck me running.


The Devil and Mrs…I mean, The Devil and Thurisaz


Man, I am seeing a whole mess of defensive symbols in this morning’s reading. Not only that, they’re all indicating defense against….the self? I am in fact, my own worst enemy. I know. That’d be the Fool’s lot, on the negative end of things, anyrate.


The Devil showing his face in my reading doesn’t come as a shock to anyone who actually knows cards who has been reading thus far. My addictions have often caused me ill in the past, this is definitely no different. When I am at my very worst, I can be the most selfish person you have ever met. Same as anyone else, really, I’m only charismatic enough to justify it so well that others support it. It’s high time I just said that, those close to me have seen it- and they are close to me because they don’t engage in that. Know ye well the difference between shepherd and judas goat and all that.


The giant though…damn….Beauty…danger…combined with need- I sit here, wondering: is there going to be some mighty temptation dangled in my face? Mmmm….tempt- NO! Steaks. Poop. Steaks. Love. Self control, I have it. Other themes I can easily draw from the reading thus far is that my pride is putting it in my ass- it’s time to break down and communicate. Before, you know, apparently, some hot tail throws itself at me. Oh, shut up. You get to see my journey. Watch and learn, puny humans. I will either fall flat on my face or I’ll eat of the Tree. Or, I’ll eat of the tree, become so fat and happy that I fall on my face. If you know me, you know this is not at all out of character.


Fan-fucking-tastic. I just love hot Frost Giants, don’t you?


6th Position:




The Heirophant and Uruz


Oh come the fuck on, would you?


This is totally pants. Now, if I didn’t believe in free will and I didn’t believe in choice, if I truly believed we were all just dragged around by the winds of fate- look, Charlie, you stop laughing. I SEE YOU. Captain! You, too! STOP It. It’s not funny, it’s not. My crotch is not my brain, it isn’t!


My reading today has basically told me I am a big ol bundle of neurotic needs and wants, most of which involve my crotch and ego. It also indicates a test. It also indicates needs to be true to myself- my own nature but not the seedy, back alley behind the bar inner nature, so much as the good nature, the sharing, boisterous joyful and strong nature.


But Uruz…there’s a sexy side to Uruz. Shit.


Bring on the test. I’m strong. I’m brave. I can dig it.

Still, have any of you ever noticed how in most depictions of the Heirophant, he appears to be making the sign of the Shocker?

Unless you have a reading forthcoming….until tomorrow, my friends. Stay…uh, thirsty.

Yours quite truly,


The Dark Fool

Note: You are, of course, perfectly welcome to toss out your own interpretations. The more the merrier.

I would, however, caution against Judgey Mc Judgersons. Funny thing is, I don’t care.

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